Cars & Coffee by Harper Auto Square

Alongside the cool, crisp air of the morning, the faint scent of race fuel and the sound of purpose built engines filled the air.  Harper Auto Square, our host, had lined the parking lot outside West Town Mall with their collection of high end automobiles in preparation for their  Cars and Coffee event.  Although the event was well planned and promoted, no one anticipated the staggering turn-out.  Shortly after 8AM the lot had already swelled beyond capacity with cars of every make and model.  Forward Motion was on site with East10Drift to give you a visual account of the event and the cars that made it such a success. –Jerry Jackson

Here are some highlights, thumbnail gallery below. Photography coverage by Zac Carter.

A Dodge Wayfarer from decades past, I spoke with the owner briefly we are going to try to set up something at Rod Run Next month to get some nice shots of this car.

A Ferrari 430 (a Scuderia no-less) made an appearance.

A well put together GT500, hopefully soon a feature will be done on this car as well.

Shelby Cobra.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

As you can see a good mixture of cars of various makes and models. From left, Porsche 911, Dodge Viper, Ferrari Testarossa, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang, Ferrari 308… a teenagers dream for sure (nevermind most adults).

A portion of Harper’s fleet of vehicles as you can see tons of cars!

A couple of classic British roadsters.

Freeman’s RB26 240sx, I caught up with him tuesday afternoon and we’ll be doing a full blown write-up on this car in the near future.

A classic Studebaker Avanti.

The MFAuto guys rolling in.

A pair of 911’s.

Porsche Speedster

A couple of GT500 Cobras along with a new Boss 302.

Detomaso Pantera

Volkswagen Bug on air-ride suspension.

Ford F-Series of days yore.

Closer to the end of the meet I made my way to Kingston Pike to take a few shots of the cars leaving.

Again below are thumbnails of all the shots from Sunday Morning. We look forward to the next Cars and Coffee! Thanks to Harper for putting together such a great event.


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