How To Properly Remove Rail Dust from 1200hp by Tru Shine Detailing

Article by: Eric of TruShine

Maybe your asking your self  “What is rail dust and why is it called rail dust” or “What are all of these little rust spots all over my paint?”

Well that is what I am here to explain in this weeks article.  What it is, how it effects your paint, and how to solve the problem.

Lets start by explaining Rail Dust and describe what it is. Here is a photograph of what it looks like


In this Picture you will see speckles of rust and rings of rust.  Although these are not rust spots under the paint, they can definitely make their way down into the paint causing issues in the future.  Just about every car will have some type of surface contaminants making the surface feel gritty or even dulled. Whether its, overspray, tree sap,  rail dust, or other types of contaminants, all have negative effects.  But Rail dust will be more noticeable on a white vehicle.

As I was working on this insanely beautiful 1200hp Toyota Supra from High Velocity Motorsports, that is when I noticed the rail dust.

The Term “Rail Dust” derived from when cars were shipped on rail ways and the Iron Dust would blow around from the train rails and wheels and latch onto the paint. Or if you worked or lived next to a train yard your vehicle would also get covered that way as well. Other causes for rail dust could just be from driving down the road next to big 18 wheelers  and when they apply their brakes it throws the iron shavings blowing in the wind to latch onto your paint.

So lets get to the removal process.

To begin, we first must properly clean the surface and wash the car

I always prefer a pre rinse and foam bath


IMG_0105 IMG_0126

IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0134 IMG_0135 IMG_0137 IMG_0139

For cleaning these Fully Polish Aluminum CCW wheels, it’s important to use a pH balance wheel cleaner, and not a wheel acid type cleaner. The Wheel acid can burn the aluminum if not used correctly. For this I used P21s Wheel Gel and Wheel woolies to get deep inside the wheel.

IMG_0016 IMG_0023 IMG_0027 IMG_0028

One of my favorite drying tools is the Detailed Image Waffle weave Drying towel


The Next step is the most crucial part of properly removing rail dust from paint. Most people will tell you to just clay the paint. But that will not remove the iron deposits that are down into the paint. It will only shave the surface.  The solution to this is IronX by CarPro

Iron X is an Iron destroyer, it will chemically dissolve the iron particles removing them from down in the pores of the paint and not just the surface.

By using Clay and IronX together will shave the surface contaminants and clean deep down in the paint.

Here are a few pictures of how Iron X works. Anywhere you spray Iron X and there is Iron deposits on the surface, it will start to turn red dissolving the iron.

IMG_0193 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0219 IMG_0214 IMG_0213 IMG_0211 IMG_0208 IMG_0207 IMG_0206 IMG_0205

You would have never guessed that this clean supra would have had so much Iron embedded all over it, but the Iron X shows that it was everywhere.

The Next Step is to Clay the surface injunction with IronX

But I wanted to show you guys Two different types of “Claying”

One is the typical Old School Clay bar that has been around for decades and the other is the Nanoskin Clay disc


Both are effective methods, The Clay Disc on the DA is a lot Faster but the Clay bar is more thorough

IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0229 IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0236 IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0241 IMG_0244 IMG_0246 IMG_0247

Thoroughly rinse the Iron X and repeat if needed. Once this is done you can then polish and or seal/wax the paint.

For this car, The paint wasn’t bad at all, So a light polish using Meguiars M205 and Lake Country Tangerine pad on the Rupes 21

IMG_0258 IMG_0259 IMG_0261 IMG_0262 IMG_0266 IMG_0270 IMG_0269 IMG_0274

And then using the LC red pad to apply Menzerna FMJ (Full Molecular Jacket) and Megs Hyper Dressing for the tires

IMG_0279 IMG_0255 IMG_0280

That sums up this article with how to properly remove rail dust and polish and protect your paint

If you have any other questions, please post them up.

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