Import Faceoff – Dallas November 11, 2012

Photos: DaveKevin, & Mark | Words: Dave | Copy Edit: Mark  & Richard

What do you think of when you hear “7 seconds” and “quarter mile” in the same sentance? A blown V8 in something American, right?

In that case: Prepare to have your mind completely blown.

How about we take a look at cars with Honda, Toyota and Nissan badges (among others) capable of quarter’ times in the 7, 8 and 9 second brackets?

That, friends, is what Import Face-Off is all about! This event never disappoints and we were on-hand for this, IFO’s second visit to Dallas in 2012. We were happy to see some of the big names from Dallas make their way out: Jotech, T1 Race Development, Addiction Motorsports, and Dynosaur Performance to name a few.

We wasted no time making our way to the drag strip when we arrived, jonesing for a dose of extreme boost levels and a healthy lungful of race gas… Okay maybe not healthy, but I don’t care, race gas smells awesome! Just watch out for the E85 cars… STINKY!

Our arrival coincided with some crazy rotary powered cars blasting 7 second passes… Hearing protection? Oops left that in my other bag.. WHAT????


Then out came the front wheel drive guys in their beastly Honda’s.  This is my favorite part of any IFO event.  There’s nothing quite like seeing an “economy car” blast an 8 or 9 second quarter-mile pass.  Imagine driving something like that on the street, just happening to end up beside a Viper at some lights…. and crushing it.  Of course, I wouldn’t know anything about that though, because street racing is illegal and wrong kids 😉

Sadly, our day got cut short due to mother nature.  My camera got a nice shower but don’t worry, it’s fine… Not sure if a Canon would survive a bath like that, but that is another story. 😉

Onward with the pics! As always be sure to take a stroll over to our Facebook page to see more pics and say hi to us, even give us a virtual high five, its the cool thing to do these days!


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